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Tiger eye, double sided tip

Tiger eye, double sided tip

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A polished tiger's eye cut into a double-sided obelisk.

Rozměry: 3.3 cm

Lokalita: South African Republic

Tiger's eye - a stone of protection and strength. Its golden brown and brown stripes evoke the strength and courage of a tiger. This mineral belongs to the eye stones and is known for its characteristic appearance. Tiger's eye is composed primarily of silica, and its color and luster are due to the crocid fibers. Its reputation is associated with promoting protection and self-confidence. Tiger's eye is considered a stone of protection against negative energies and unwanted influences. Its energy helps to increase determination and self-confidence. Tiger's eye also stimulates intuition and the ability to observe. It is often used as a talisman for strengthening inner strength and self-confidence in difficult situations. Bring a piece of this empowering stone into your life and give your body and mind the energy needed to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

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