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Crystal, double sided tip

Crystal, double sided tip

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Polished crystal cut into a double-sided tip.

Rozměry: 3.3 cm

Lokalita: Himalayas

Crystal is a stone of purity and clarity. Its transparency and shine evoke crystalline purity and luminous radiance. This mineral is a form of quartz that forms crystals and geodes of various shapes and sizes. The crystal is composed mostly of silica and its reputation is associated with promoting clarity of thought and spiritual insight. It is considered a stone of harmony and healing that amplifies energy and strengthens the connection with the inner self. Its energy supports the purification of the mind from negative influence and helps to find inner balance. The crystal is also often used as an energy enhancer in meditation and healing practices. Bring a piece of this translucent stone into your life and give your spirit the clarity and purity needed to achieve deep understanding and calmness.

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