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Opal, double-sided tip

Opal, double-sided tip

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Polished opal ground to a double-sided tip.

Rozměry: 3.3 cm

Lokalita: Synthetic

Opalite (synthetic opal) is a stone of peace and spiritual knowledge. Its opalescent tones of different colors create a wonderful sight, reminiscent of the play of light on the surface of the water. Opalite is a man-made mineral, although it resembles natural opal, which is found in various locations around the world. This mineral is formed by chemical processes that change quartz glass into an opalescent substance.

Opalite is mainly composed of silicon and phosphorous oxide, which gives it its shiny luster and color. Its reputation is associated with promoting peace and spiritual growth. Opalite is considered a stone of harmony and promotes the deepening of spiritual knowledge. Its energy helps relieve stress and worries and promotes inner peace. Opal also stimulates clairvoyance and the ability to perceive things beyond the material world.

In esoteric practices, opal is often used for meditation and the development of intuition. Bring a piece of this peaceful stone into your life and give your spirit space to calm down and develop spiritual awareness.

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