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Jasper, double sided tip

Jasper, double sided tip

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Polished jasper cut into a double-sided tip.

Rozměry: 3.3 cm

Lokalita: Morocco

Jasper - a stone of strength and protection. Its varied patterns and colors, including reds, browns, greens and even blues, form a fascinating mosaic in natural art. This silicate occurs in different types of rocks, which creates its characteristic appearance. Jasper can contain various minerals, which affects its properties and energetic effect. Its reputation is associated with promoting strength and determination. Jasper is considered a stone of protection and vitality, enhancing physical strength and endurance. Its energy helps to overcome difficulties and increases courage. Different types of jasper can have different effects, but generally they promote earth grounding and inner stability. Bring a piece of this power stone into your life and give your body and mind the energy needed to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

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