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Amethyst drusen with calcite

Amethyst drusen with calcite

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Amethyst druse with calcite is a beautiful piece of mineral that combines purple amethyst and white calcite in one piece. This type of drusen is usually found in cavities in melaphyre.

Rozměry: 17 x 12 x 10 cm

Hmotnost: 440 g

Lokalita: Uruguay

Stáří: chalk

Amethystis a stone of beauty and strength. Its beautiful purple color and crystal structure create a stunning visual experience. This gemstone occurs in geodes and rocks all over the world, from Brazil to Uruguay. The chemical composition of silica gives amethyst its characteristic hues. Since ancient times, it has been credited with the ability to promote clear thinking, calm the mind and protect against negative energy. Its healing powers are associated with promoting restful sleep, spiritual growth and the development of intuition. Immerse yourself in its energy and give your life a touch of mysticism.

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