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Agate sea sponge in Jurassic chert

Agate sea sponge in Jurassic chert

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This is a unique specimen of a fossil agate marine sponge that was found in Jurassic sediments that formed hundreds of millions of years ago. The sponge was preserved in stone form, where it gradually mineralized layer by layer, forming a beautiful agate pattern.

Its pinkish-purple coloring is also special, which gives the sample an aesthetic value. The sponge is the result of a process where layers of skeletons were deposited in the sea, which were gradually mineralized.

Rozměry: 15 x 7 cm

Lokalita: South Moravia

Stáří: jurassic

The stone is hand processed and polished to a high shine by our company SP Minerals. We will be happy to make a unique addition to your interior or an addition to your mineralogical collection from your stoneour price list.

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