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Malachite pendant

Malachite pendant

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Malachite pendant

Rozměry: 3 cm

Lokalita: Zaire

Malachite is a stone of transformation and protection. Its deep green color with circular patterns evokes forest greenery and natural beauty. This mineral occurs in copper-bearing rocks and is found in various parts of the world. Malachite is mainly composed of copper, copper carbonate and water, which gives it its distinctive color and energetic properties. His reputation is associated with promoting transformation and personal growth. Malachite is considered a stone of protection against negative energy and at the same time a catalyst for positive change. Its energy helps release old patterns and open the door to new beginnings. It is often used to clear the energy field and support earth grounding. It also emphasizes the heart and emotional balance. Bring a piece of this transformational stone into your life and give your transformations and new paths the energy needed to grow and change.

The stone is set in silver-plated metal (copper or bronze). The purity of silver is 925/1000. The jewelry cannot be cleaned with rough surfaces or washed in water and acids (watch out for perfumes).

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