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Aragonite ammonite (Cleoniceras), 1pc

Aragonite ammonite (Cleoniceras), 1pc

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A huge polished piece of aragonite ammonite, the internal cavities of which are filled with aragonite or limestone. On the other hand, the outer side of the box is well preserved. Similar to the Cymatoceras boatworm, the individual chambers filled with rare black aragonite, emerging in a spiral, attract attention at first glance. The living ammonite always occupied the last larger chamber. This animal dominated the Cretaceous seas with other fossils such as Lycoptera davidii, which you can also find in our offer.

Rozměry: 16.4 × 13.4 cm

Hmotnost: 399.00 g

Lokalita: Majunga, Madagascar

Stáří: chalk

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