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Rainbow fluorite pendant

Rainbow fluorite pendant

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The silver-plated pendant with inlaid banded fluorite is an elegant piece of jewelry made of metal coated with a layer of silver and decorated with natural banded fluorite. Composed of layers of different colors, this stone creates a striped pattern and each piece is unique. The fluorite is placed in a silver frame, which can be decorated with various details and worn on a short chain or leather string. The combination of silver and natural stone creates a beautiful and stylish look that is suitable for everyday wear or for special occasions.

Rozměry: 4 cm

Lokalita: China

Fluorite is a stone of versatility and protection. Its diverse spectrum of colors, from purple to green, is an excellent example of nature's diversity. This mineral is formed in hydrothermal and magmatic processes and is found in various parts of the world. Fluorite is mainly composed of calcium and fluoride, which affects its color and properties. Its reputation is associated with promoting mental clarity and protection from negative energies. Fluorite is considered a stone of harmony and balance, helping to release tension and improve concentration. Its energy promotes mental and emotional cleansing, although different colors can have different effects. Bring a piece of this shifting stone into your life and open your mind to new perspectives and protection.

The stone is set in silver-plated metal (copper or bronze). The purity of silver is 925/1000. The jewelry cannot be cleaned with rough surfaces or washed in water and acids (watch out for perfumes).

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