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Agate and amethyst necklace

Agate and amethyst necklace

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Agate and amethyst necklace

Rozměry: 44.5 cm (chain), 2.8 cm (stone)

Lokalita: Botswana, Uruguay

Amethystis a stone of beauty and strength. Its beautiful purple color and crystal structure create a stunning visual experience. This gemstone occurs in geodes and rocks all over the world, from Brazil to Uruguay. The chemical composition of silica gives amethyst its characteristic hues. Since ancient times, it has been credited with the ability to promote clear thinking, calm the mind and protect against negative energy. Its healing powers are associated with promoting restful sleep, spiritual growth and the development of intuition. Immerse yourself in its energy and give your life a touch of mysticism.

Agate is a stone of versatility and protection. Its brightly colored bands and diverse textures create a unique visual beauty. This stone is formed by the gradual deposition of minerals in rock cavities, which creates its characteristic stripes and circles. Agate is made up mainly of silicon and is found all over the world. Its changing nature symbolizes different aspects of life and brings balance to the environment where it is found. It is considered a stone of protection and harmony, helping to strengthen physical and emotional stability. Its energy supports positive thinking, reduces stress and helps to find inner strength. Bring a piece of this natural wonder into your life and give your environment and soul protection and inspiration.

The stone is set in silver-plated metal (copper or bronze). The purity of silver is 925/1000. The jewelry cannot be cleaned with rough surfaces or washed in water and acids (watch out for perfumes).

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