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Petrified oak

Petrified oak

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Zkřemenělý dub

Rozměry: 27x14cm

Lokalita: South Bohemia

Stáří: younger Tertiary

Petrified oak wood from the Miocene period from southern Bohemia is a unique piece of the past that you can now have in your collection. Over millions of years, this wood has turned into a stone material, preserving the beautiful details of the original oak structure. Petrification occurred gradually as minerals replaced the cellular structure of the wood, creating a unique material with beautiful colors and patterns. This petrified wood is not only a beautiful work of natural art, but it is also attributed with healing properties. Many believe that it has positive energy and can bring peace and harmony to the home. Add to your collection a piece of history combined with natural energy and beauty.

The stone is hand processed and polished to a high shine by our company SP Minerals. We will be happy to make a unique addition to your interior or an addition to your mineralogical collection from your stoneour price list.

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