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Onyx ring with casholong and red agate

Onyx ring with casholong and red agate

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Onyx ring with casholong and red agate. Onyx is a stone of protection.

Rozměry: 1.9 cm (ring)

Lokalita: Botswana

Onyx is a stone of strength and protection. Its black color with white or brown stripes creates a sense of stability and contrast. This mineral is a form of limestone that gradually settled and formed characteristic layers. Onyx can have different shades of black and white, which affect its appearance and energy properties. Its reputation is associated with promoting physical strength and mental peace. Onyx is considered a stone of protection against negative energy and purification. Its energy helps to remove fear and facilitates decision-making. It is often used as a talisman for strengthening inner strength and self-confidence. Bring a piece of this power stone into your life and give your body and mind the stability and protection needed to achieve goals and peace of mind.

The stone is set in silver-plated metal (copper or bronze). The purity of silver is 925/1000. The jewelry cannot be cleaned with rough surfaces or washed in water and acids (watch out for perfumes).

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