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Red chalcedony heart pendant

Red chalcedony heart pendant

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Red chalcedony heart.

Lokalita: Botswana

Chalcedony is a stone of communication and harmony. Its soft blue to greenish color and smooth, matte surface are reminiscent of calm waters and ancient stones. This microcrystalline mineral belongs to the silicate group and is formed in sedimentary rocks. Chalcedony is mainly composed of silicon and magnesium oxide, which affects its appearance and energy properties. Its reputation is linked to the promotion of communication and the expression of emotions. Chalcedony is considered a stone of peace and harmony, which helps release tension in communication and promotes understanding between people. Its energy encourages self-expression and creativity. This stone is often used to strengthen the skill of listening and speaking with clarity. Bring a piece of this communication stone into your life and give your words and emotions a harmonious space to manifest.

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