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Citrine earrings

Citrine earrings

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Citrine earrings

Rozměry: 3.2 cm

Lokalita: Brazil

Citrine is the stone of the sun and energy. Its bright yellow color and transparent shine evoke the warm rays of the sun and the joy of life. This variety of quartz occurs naturally, but can also be heat treated to intensify its color. Citrine is composed of silicon dioxide with an admixture of iron. His reputation is associated with vitality and positive energy. Citrine is considered a stone of prosperity and abundance, bringing joy to life and promoting self-confidence. Its energy stimulates creativity and helps ward off negativity. It is often used to boost self-confidence and attract success. Bring a piece of this sunstone into your life and give your dreams and goals the energy they need to grow and come true.

The stone is set in silver-plated metal (copper or bronze). The purity of silver is 925/1000. The jewelry cannot be cleaned with rough surfaces or washed in water and acids (watch out for perfumes).

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