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Petrified oak - longitudinal and transverse section

Petrified oak - longitudinal and transverse section

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Large polished slab of longitudinal and transverse section made of calcined and preserved oak wood ( Quercoxylon ). Fossil oak has a white patina on the outside, highlighting defects in the wood, including insect damage. The interior color is deep dark and light brown. Oaks began to appear in abundance and spread to the forming Europe during the Lower Miocene, roughly 15 million years ago.

Rozměry: 24.5 × 10.5 cm

Hmotnost: 798.00 g

Lokalita: South Moravia

Stáří: younger Tertiary

The stone is hand processed and polished to a high shine by our company SP Minerals. We will be happy to make a unique addition to your interior or an addition to your mineralogical collection from your stoneour price list.

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